First blush of love – Part 1

Posted: March 14, 2013 in Short story
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Maria Albert was just 16 years old. She couldn’t be expected to take care of her family! Not like this, suddenly, without any training or experience!  And how much help were grandparents going to be? They were old, and she would have to end up taking care of them too. This wasn’t fair at all. But she didn’t have a choice, did she? She took stock of her situation, understanding that life wasn’t fair and cribbing about her bad fortune would not change anything.

Maria’s parents had passed away a month ago in a car crash leaving her and her two kid brothers orphaned. Her younger brothers, Ted and Frank, were aged 10 and 4 respectively. Ted had been sulking since the accident, not talking to anyone, as if the death of his parents had squeezed the spirit out of him. Frank was very young to understand what had happened. He thought his parents had gone for a vacation, leaving them in their grandparents’ house. He was busy chasing squirrels, and running after butterflies in their grandparents’ garden. Maria was devastated too. Every now and then she would burst into tears remembering them. But youth allows you to bounce back like never again. After the incident, her grandfather asked them to leave school in New York and come and stay with them in the small town of West Orange, Texas.

Maria enrolled herself in the West Orange-Stark High School in the sophomore year. This was the first time she was changing school and didn’t know what to expect on her first day, having grown up with the same friends in the same school in New York. Will the other kids look down upon her? Well, they can’t, can they? She was from New York after all, a big city compared to a small place like this. Or maybe, being jealous, they would make fun of her for the exact same reason!

She arrived at the school, with a satchel containing just a notebook. She stood in front of the gate with a look of uncertainty on her face. She looked beautiful in a quiet sort of way, with big blue terrified eyes, rosy, tender lips, a shock of red hair, and almost pink complexion. She would not be considered a very forthright person, but rather as timid and shy. She would rather voice her concerns in private than before a group of people. She knew she did not stand a chance if the kids at the school behaved nastily towards her. With misgivings, she entered the school.

She went to the principal’s office. He welcomed her, expressing regret over the demise of her parents, and hoping that she would like this school. He handed her a school curriculum which she checked for her first class. It was history. She headed towards the class, but unable to find it, hovered in the area. A girl, tall and smart-looking with thick glasses, enquired as to what Maria was looking for. Hearing Maria’s reply, she introduced herself as Rita Thomas, adding that she had history as her first class too. Maria introduced herself, giving a little background as to the reason of joining this school and they both went into the class together.

Inside the class, Rita introduced Maria to the other students. The teacher had not arrived yet, so some of the students flocked around her. They introduced themselves and asked her about New York and how she liked it here. When the teacher walked into the class, everyone raced back to their seats. The teacher also asked for her introduction, which she gave, again. She could not remember the last time when she had to speak so much. Maria had already begun to like this school. It was not bad at all. It was, in fact, very good. The kids seemed nice and sensible and down-to-earth, not at all like the snotty kids in New York. And they were very nice to her. Maybe, coming to live in West Orange county was going to be very good for her.

There was one guy in the class, Darian Hudson, who did not speak to her. At all. He was a very good-looking guy, tall and athletic, with nice cropped hair and a handsome face. Maria wasn’t the type to talk to anyone first, but she made a daring exception for him. She said a soft ‘hi’, to which he nodded curtly and left. This surprised her, as she knew she looked okay, and she did have a few admirers in New York. Why would he ignore her then? She was intrigued, and because he was a combination of both good looks and mystery, she felt attracted towards him. She hadn’t seen him talking to any of the girls. Was he shy of girls? Or did he have a secret past? She couldn’t rein in her imagination, thinking Darian might be a vampire like Edward Cullen of Twilight series. How cool would that be? She decided she would find out more about him before curiosity drove her mad.

************************************To be continued********************************

  1. Sharat says:

    Very nice story, eagerly waiting for second part.

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