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Water colour painting - Pond and trees

Water colour painting – Pond and trees

Inspired by the earlier sketch I posted, I got myself a box of water colour tubes. And produced this. I am averagely satisfied with the outcome, as I did not have very high hopes from myself. Of course, the disclaimer goes as before – painting after a really long time, 10+ years, so please bear with me. I am probably gonna dole out some more immature stuff like this in future too.


Sketch – Leaves

Posted: March 19, 2013 in Paintings & Sketches
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Tried pencil sketching after almost 12 years. I have completely forgotten how to sketch and shade and therefore, the finished product is not as smooth as I would have wanted. But this is a try after a really long time and I didn’t expect much. Maybe if I keep practicing, I will get better.