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It upsets me every time I read a news report of an accident, or hear about someone I know. There is something heart-rending in an untimely death. But when it is an accident caused by drunken-driving, it just gets me infuriated.

A few days back, I got to hear about a colleague of a close friend. This guy gets drunk in an office party. What kind of drunk would you call someone who finishes off a whole bottle of whiskey, I don’t know. Anyhow! He gets super-drunk, and in spite of his seniors telling him not to go back home, persists on going back. He has some 5 people with him along with a driver. Halfway through, he insists on driving – saying he is in total control, and at the speed of 120km/hr rams into a tree. He is dead, the other guy on the front seat – a complete teetotaler is dead, and 3 guys are in coma.

I don’t have any sympathies for him. None at all. Rather, I am enraged at him for spoiling the lives of his family members, spoiling the future of the other dead guy and those in coma. At the risk of sounding insensitive, almost inhuman, I would like to ask him: Ever heard of the phrase ‘you had it coming’?  The other guy had to lose his life just by the virtue of being in the company of a drunkard. I hope the injured guys get completely healed, but there are very slim chances of that. What can you say to console those who unnecessarily lost their lives and limbs to this guy’s machismo?

You drink, you drive, you die. Expected. No surprises there. No sympathies even. But it really burns my heart to see people getting drunk and killing others while on that macho I-can-drink-as-much-as-I-want-and-yet-be-in-control psych. I have some guy friends who pride themselves on being a ‘Tank’. WTF! I really don’t get it. What is it with you guys? If you are drunk, just enjoy the feeling sitting at the back of the car, or do something else. But please, please DO NOT drive.

I just wish someone would explain this to all those ‘Macho’ guys out there. There is NO heroism in the ability of drinking and driving. It’s not an ability worth the pain it causes. It’s plain stupidity. Nothing is to be gained out of it. Rather, you are just an accident waiting to happen. Soon, you will either be a murderer or be dead!