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Watched the movie Django Unchained in the Golden Village Cinemas in Singapore on Sunday. Absolutely loved it. Here’s my review of the movie.

** Spoiler alert – This review will tell you the whole story, so if you are the type to wait for surprises in a movie, don’t read it. But also, it is not a suspense thriller or anything, just a simple movie, so why bother? Just go ahead and read!**

Director and writer: Quentin Tarantino

Cast :


The movie is set in West America, two years before the civil war. Django is among several other male slaves being transported to another town to be sold. Dr. King Schultz, a german bounty hunter, seeks him out due to his past associations, to identify three murderous Brittle brothers. He buys Django from the captors (with some spilling of blood) and informs him that he will be freed after the capture/killing of the Brittle brothers. Django tells Schultz that he has a wife, Broomhilda, who was sold in the slave trade and he wants to get her back. Schultz proposes partnership in bounty hunting until they located Broomhilda. Their search for her lands them into Candieland cotton farm, owned by Calvin J. Candie. They pretend to have come to buy slave fighters. But Candie’s conniving house slave, Stephen, sees through their act and deduces their plan to buy Hilda and informs Candie about it. Thereafter all hell breaks loose. Schultz and Candie are killed and Django is enslaved again and sent to be sold. He fools his captors on the way, comes back to Candieland, kills all and leaves with his wife, a free woman.


Django Unchained is a complete movie. It has everything – romance, comedy, drama, emotions, action, blood and gore, and a man’s fight for his love (that’s what we love after all). And Tarantino also manages to combine all this under theme of the social malaise of racial discrimination of those times. It is a superbly executed movie, but of course nothing less is expected of Tarantino. He definitely deserves the Oscar for best original screenplay for this movie. Jamie Foxx is wonderful as a black slave who ultimately becomes the hero for many other slaves. It is his movie (I heard Will Smith let go of this movie because the role wasn’t big enough. Well, we can only say, ‘Your loss is Foxx’s gain’. And of course, he should learn something from DiCaprio). Christoph Waltz, as the old bounty hunter, is strong yet emotional and funny. I shed a few tears when the good-hearted, old bounty hunter dies. Of course he got an Oscar for this role. Leonardo DiCaprio has a limited role, but he shone through as expected. Samuel Jackson’s portrayal of the old, vindictive, racist, house slave Stephen is so good that I felt a shiver of joy each time Django put a bullet in him. Kerry Washington is good as the pretty slave wife but she didn’t have much to act except stand there looking pretty. All in all, a very satisfying movie and very much worth the money.